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Free yourself from the Mental/Emotional/Physical blocks that have been holding you back from being your Authentic Self & Living your Best Life

  Healing Sessions/House Clearing/Tarot Reading 
Smudge Sticks "Free Spirit" (Boutique blend)
Organic Blue & White Lotus
100% Premium Lavender products
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Vescentials product range..

Pesticide Free

*Smudge sticks, Wands & Pouches are Custom cut to order
(typically delivers within 5-10 working days)*

Organic Blue Lotus            

Beautiful Organic Blue Lotus (20g) was used ceremonially by the Ancient Egyptians as a tea or smoked to cleanse the Body, Mind & Spirit. Strengthens intuition, clarity & focus. Also aids in digestion & detox.                                       

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Organic White Lotus

The Original ancient ceremonial flower (25g) used as a Tea (hot/iced) or Herbal cigarette ..... - Powerful antioxidant - Rich in Phosphorous, Vitamins A B & C - Neutralises harmful radicals - Promotes skin repair/health - Pain relief - enhances Mood & Energy

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Smudge Sticks 
"Free Spirit" Edition is a special blend of Sage, Rosemary & English Lavender.

 Grown in lovingly tended private gardens with Angel frequencies  (1111 Hz ) played for them daily.  Larger than most Smudge Sticks (25-30cm) on the market they are very long lasting. This unique combination leaves behind a softer sweeter,  more refreshing smell...than your typical Sage Smudge Sticks......much less astringent lingering smell.
*(Each Stick comes with a little Tibetan Silver charm) 
    $25 each or 20% discount w/ Value Pack                

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Smudge Bombs

Vescentials newest creation is made of Sage & Lavender flowers with added Rosemary. Designed to be thrown  into  an Open Fire place, Fire pit Camp fire or Altar Bowl to Smudge and reset the energy of your home backyard or camping site                                          
Value pack of 3                                

*Not Sold Individually    

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Smudge Card

Are included in the All in One & Smudge Boxes This Smudge card offers gentle guidance  for how best to Smudge places, spaces, objects, pets or people. 
                          *Not Sold Individually

Included in Smudge Box and All in One Box

Dowsing Charts & Discs

 Easy to use Dowsing charts & Disc. Perfect for Beginners Intermediaries and Advanced Pendulum Practitioners. 

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Beautiful range of Rosewood, Bronze, Copper and Metallic Pendulums 

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Calm Focus Pouches

50/50 combination of English Lavender & Rosemary these are a must have to relieve Stress, Brain Fatigue & improve Focus. Ideal for studying or doing book/paperwork ...these sachets are hand made from premium pesticide free Lavender & Rosemary bushes that are lovingly nurtured and cared for in private gardens                        
 Small & Large value packs               

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100% Lavender Pouches

Made from 100% English Lavender these are a  must have to use in the Pantry, Wardrobes, Drawers, Car, Office, Bedroom or Bathroom ...these sachets are hand made from premium pesticide free Lavender bushes  that are lovingly nurtured and cared for in private gardens 
            Small & Large value packs of 3
                                *Not Sold Individually*

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Lavender Wands    

100%  (English) Lavender Wands can be used for Weilding magic or Warding off Moths, Mosquitoes anxiety & stress . They are a Vescentials must have to use in the Pantry, Wardrobes, Drawers, Car, Office, Bedroom or Bathroom & in Shoes to keep them fresh.                                         

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Smudge Box

includes :
x1 Free Spirit Ed. Smudge stick
x3 Smudge Bombs
x1 Smudge Card 
x2 Tibetan Silver charm OR Chinese Prosperity coin.

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Bliss Bag

x1 Large 100% Lavender Pouch
x1 Large Calm Focus Pouch
x1 Small 100% Lavender Pouch
x1 Small Calm Focus Pouch

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Healing sessions 
Focus on unwinding and releasing Mental, Physical and or Spiritual blocks on every level & are held in the Privacy & Safety of your own home via ZOOM  Session duration :  60-90mins 

Incorporating metaphysical techniques like Emotional release, Guided meditations, Access Bars, Dcodes ,Tarot, Pendulum and Sound.                                                     
In each session we will identify and dismantle the negative beliefs/distortions, recurring patterns and stress induced dis-ease that surface and no longer serve you. Mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back/in a rut keeping yourself from Thriving and living your Best Life.       

                                 $90AUD    (Conc. $80 AUD)                                 

NB. Advise consulting your healthcare professional to administer any changes to current Healthcare Plan  

House Cleansing & Re-setting

 Done remotely this session clears your home of any negative energies that might be blocking or hindering Peace Joy and Abundance in your home You will receive a detailed report of the session.

$70AUD per/hr ( Conc.$60 Aud )

Tarot Readings

Readings are conducted in the comfort & privacy of your own home via ZOOM and can be general or specific depending on what the cards unveil and how the reading progresses.

 $40 for 30mins