Free yourself from the Mental/Emotional/Physical blocks that have been holding you back from being your Authentic Self & Living your Best Life

Quantum Energy Healing

  Healing Sessions
Smudge Sticks (made to order) 
COMING SOON: Pendulum Parties and Packages

Healing Sessions  

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Healing sessions focus on unwinding and releasing Mental, Physical and or Spiritual blocks on every level.  

Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home via ZOOM  and run for  45-60 mins 

Incorporating metaphysical techniques like Emotional release, Guided meditations, Access Bars, Dcodes ,Tarot, Pendulum and Sound.

In each session we will identify and dismantle the negative beliefs/distortions, recurring patterns and stress induced dis-ease that surface and no longer serve you. Mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back/in a rut keeping yourself from Thriving and living your Best Life.

NB. Advise consulting your healthcare professional to administer any changes to current Healthcare Plan  

 Sage, Lavender & Rosemary

 All grown in lovingly tended private gardens with Angel frequencies (1111 Hz ) played for them daily. *Custom cut and bound to order 

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Pendulum  Packages (Coming Soon)


Book Pendulum Parties 3-4 in advance 

House Cleansing & Re-setting

 Done remotely this session clears your home of any negative energies that might be blocking or diluting Peace Joy and Abundance in your home You will receive a detailed report of the session  as well as some Tips on "How to Keep Your House Clear in the Future"